Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inside Indie: Bidwell Botanicals

Ok, I know it's not Thursday quite yet. But, I'm going to be out most of the day tomorrow so you're getting Inside Indie a bit early. This weeks Inside Indie interview is with Jill Jones of Bidwell Botanicals. If you remember, Bidwell Botanicals Spun Sugar Sugar Scrub tied for first place in my Best of Sugar Scrubs contest back in June. Jill makes and sells wonderful scrubs, lotions soaps and more. I highly recommend the Spun Sugar and her Chocolate fragrances!!!

Tell me a little about the mind behind Bidwell Botanicals.

I am a lucky woman, mom, wife with a great family that supports my crazy dreams and help to make them happen. I am totally into creativity in almost any aspect and have dabbled in every craft I could get my hands on, so owning a business like ours is awesome for me!

What made you decide to start a bath and body business?

Basically I love to cook and create and I love to pamper people, so this business seemed a perfect synergy for me. I'm a total bath junky myself and have made products for my family for a long time. When I really got into it about 6 years ago I just dove in head first and Bidwell Botanicals is going to have its 5th official birthday this October!!

Congrats on your 5th Year! So, since your Sugar Scrub came in first in the Best of Sugar Scrubs contest, has anything changed?

I'm so proud of that accomplishment! We worked very hard to make a product that people would love, and now we're adding several more types of sugar scrub to our line so they can indulge themselves even more! It has definitely given me incentive to move forward with this business when I know that people really like what we're doing.

You're stranded on a desert island and you can only have one of your products with you..what is it, what fragrance and why?

I would bring our Hydrating Body Milk in the Bali Spa fragrance so I could keep my skin from getting parched and the scent would help me pretend to be on a tropical vacation instead of being stranded.

What can we expect from Bidwell Botanicals in the future?

We plan to keep on growing and offering new and innovative products to our customers. Look for a new fruity line of products very soon! We will also be offering several new products for the upcoming Holiday season. I can't wait to bring them out!!

And, I can't wait for you to bring them out either! What is your absolutely can't live without it product that you do not make (it doesn't have to be bath and body)?

Tea! I have at least a cup of tea every morning and in the Winter I drink it all day. I drink anything from Earl Grey to Hibiscus herbal tea. I especially enjoy the fruit teas from Herb + Ginger. Yummo!

Jill, thank you so much for sharing yourself with me and my readers. I can't wait to see your new products so bring them out soon. And to my readers, go visit Bidwell Botanicals and see what wonderful products Jill creates just for you!

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