Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

What is it about Costco that I love so much. Is it the large bulk items at good prices? Is it the abundance of free samples that feed me my lunch? Or is it the sheet cakes that I get twice a year for my kids birthdays?

Well, it's all of the above...but for today it's those darn delicious sheet cakes.

Yesterday was the birthday party for my youngest who turned 2. Now, I've looked around for years at various grocery stores etc for birthday cakes. If I want a character cake at the local Giant or any other grocery's about $20 for what like a 1/4 sheet cake...and as much food coloring as will make you sick. I actually bought one for my oldest son's first birthday and not only did I feel ripped off but the cake just tasted like CRAP. It had so much dark blue food dye in it that my son's fingers were blue for a week.
Then I found the Costco cakes! At $15.99 (previously $14.99) you get I believe a half sheet cake. Ever since I bought that grocery store cake, I learned my lesson and just go to Costco for my cakes. Not only do the cakes look good, they taste good and they are priced RIGHT! We usually enjoy either the yellow or chocolate cake but I always get the chocolate mousse filling! Sometimes I alternate between the chocolate buttercream and the regular buttercream. And, even though there are limited designs that you can get (no characters here), you can request certain colors instead of the norm that you see on the display. I discovered that even some Costco employees don't know that!

For example, for my youngest's party we have a luau I asked for a balloon cake but with tropical colors like yellow, teal, lime green..and what did I get? Exactly those colors and it looked fantastic.

But, for some people, their kids want those character cakes. Here's how you do it: go buy those little icing decorations and just add them to the cake. My oldest was into the Wiggles at age 2 so I did a Costco cake with the Rainbow design asking that the rainbow be done in Wiggles Colors. Then, I just added these edible Wiggles decorations and walla...a Wiggles cake that was bigger and cost less than the alternative.

And, I know it's a big cake but so what...leftovers anyone! LOL.. we have about 1/3 of the cake left..for now...until tomorrow...
Look, it's a great tasting cake. You can customize it in a way. And, it's $15.99 for this huge confection. Where can you go wrong??? Costco, it's what's for dinner, lunch and birthday cakes!

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sharla said...

It really is a good cake. We did Costo for dd's 1st bday and safeway this year. No comparison. And allt he did to make it an "Elmo" cake was add some Elmo toys. I could have done that and had a WAY better cake!