Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All That Shimmers

I've been window shopping on the web and once again keep finding more jewelry that I want. It's not like I don't have enough upstairs in my jewelry box..I have plenty. But, when a girl sees shiney sparkly beautiful things...we want more.

I love cardinals, they are my favorite bird. And, when I saw this locket at Urban Bloom (based in New York City) I would love to get one. I never had a locket before and this one has such a lovely picture on it. And, it's a good size too, 2 inches. This locket with chain sells for $30 which isn't such a bad deal.

There are some other nice pieces at Urban Bloom. This one is called "Luce's Leaves" . It's so delicate and feminine. Apparently you can get it either in gold tone foror silver tone, priced at. Depending on whenter you want the larger leaves or not the price ranges from $22 - $26.

There's also these gold plated mesh leaf earrrings at $15. Some really intriguing pieces that don't cost too much.

Then there's Linda Trent Jewelry. I get her newsletter every Tuesday..hoping that I won this weeks gift certificate. Her pieces are just so brilliant with color. Like these silver earrings with the lime green stones against the silver and turquoise. On sale today by the way for $40 but regular price is $52.

This necklace is gorgeous but so way out of my league. I love the design that she made out of wire and the stones. It's so beautiful but alas I do not have $150 to buy it (regular price is $210)[$150 for silver or $170 for gold filled].

But, I did actually make a purchase the other day. I had been eyeing this necklace at Opehlia's Jewels ever since I had bought my mother-in-laws necklace. I was praying that it wouldn't get sold until I got this check I was waiting for. Luckily..no one bought it and I was able to get it for myself. It's called Earth & Sea. Made of silver, Swarovski Crystals and Czech glass beads..and it's MINE all MINE!!!

So, there's still so many many online jewelry artists out there. I'm finding more and more every week and their designs are just fantastic. Take a look around and see if something tickles your fancy..let me know what you get!

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