Friday, August 3, 2007

Inside Indie: In Kristine's Shower

This week's Inside Indie interview is with Jenny Hoehn of In Kristine's Shower. I absolutely love her sugar scrubs (body frostings) as well as her Shea Butter Sorbet. There are some really yummy fragrances there too like Blackberry Blast, Kiss Me All Over and Pink Cupcakes.

Tell me a little about the mind behind In Kristine's Shower and how did the name come about?

It is actually "Kristine's Shower" and I named it after my cousin Kristine. She was the inspiration for my first batch of soap. She was to be married in 2002 and I wanted to give her a one of a kind gift. Being a vegan and a typical "tree hugger type", she would most definitely love the handmade gift over some gift from the store. I was researching details about handmade soap, but never got the nerve to make any - Kristine getting married was the shove I needed to dive into my first batch! After that I was hooked!

What made you decide to get into the bath and body business?

The b&b business actually found me I think. I really had no desire to make any of these products because when I started, it wasn't a saturated market like it is now. I really only had tried handmade soap once (it was sent to me for free) and once I tried it, I was really impressed how well it treated my skin. Having a background in Cosmetology, I was always into skin and nails (not so much hair lol), so when I found all this information on how to make soap, I was mesmerized!

Do you remember the first product you made?

Yep - it was 100% olive oil soap

Ok, you're stuck on a desert island and you can only have one of your products with you..which one, which fragrance and why?

Gotta be my soap - I would say Citrus Safari because that is a good scent (top seller for 5+ years!) The reason I would bring soap is that every good skin care regimen starts with a good foundation!

What does the future hold for Kristine's Shower?

You know, when I first started I was happy selling here and there - then I got some exposure that rocketed me way up beyond where I thought I would be. I am starting to get used to the big orders, but honestly I am happy where I am now. I have my sisters working for me and I get to have my son by my side at all times. Of course I would welcome new and bigger business, but it isn't something I am striving for.

What is your can't live without product?

My Body Frosting! I have to have to have to use it every time I shave so I don't have to shave every day!!

Take a look around In Kristine's Shower and see what you like. I recommend the Body Jenny calls me a "Frosting Addict."


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