Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Desert that Doesn't Dry You Out

A couple of weeks ago I bought, on a whim, some Facial Cleaning Pads at my local Trader Joe's. These pads are made by a company called Desert Essence and claim to contain Natural Tea Tree Oil.

They cost me about $4.99 and that's not too bad. I usually by like Noxema or Clean N Clear pads and they cost almost as much.

What impressed me is that these pads really really clean my face. I usually use them in the morning when I get up and the stuff these pads peel off my face is amazing. Considering I wash my face every night before bed, you'd think my face would be still clean in the morning. I'm telling you these pads are taking dirt and oil off my face and it's dark looking stuff. Gross man.

Anyway, not only do they work very well but they do not dry my face out like the other "acne" type cleansing pads. Sometimes is best not to use the harsher stuff because they tend to dry your skin out and cause more breakouts (I know go figure right?).

Looking over the ingredients..there's Witch Hazel, organic grain alcohol (not too bad I guess), tea tree oil, organic chamomile oil, organic lavender oil, organic lemongrass oil, golden seal extract, neem oil and other, surprisingly, natural ingredients.

So, it cleans up your skin really well..check. It does not dry out your skin...check. It contains more natural ingredients then I have ever seen in a facial cleansing pad...check. Needless to say, I will more than likely continue to use these pads. I visited their website, and you can too by clicking on this post's title, and they have tons of other personal care products. I did a store search and they are in all kinds of different stores including the Vitamin Shoppe. So I plan on checking it out and seeing what other products I might find.

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