Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lookin Good? Look Even Better!

I am not a photo expert. I point and shoot my digital camera and upload the shots to Sure I can add borders and stuff on the Costco website, but I'm not that creative on my computer. I'm sure I could buy some program at Best Buy for like $100 or more but I don't even know if I would be able to do it right.

Well, a few days ago I found out about a great site called Retrospective Design. It's run by Josephine Swanson and she does some amazing things with photographs. She makes these wonderful Montages of your pictures and they are so unique and just amazing. So, I asked her if she could put something together for me (since I review only what I've used). She told me to email her some photos and she would create something for me. So, I sent her some pictures of my two boys and a few days later she got back to me with this:

I was thoroughly impressed. She really made my boys look even better than the original pictures. Even my husband was impressed and he's never impressed by anything I am involved in lol. I just love this "Momtage" (well it's a Montage for a Mom right?).
Josephine has alot of examples of her photo Montages on her site and there are many different styles too. She also makes photo Books , Invitations (you can even get a Montage card put together) and she does photo Restoration too. I highly recommend that you visit Retrospective Design and take a look at the different things she does. I think you'll be impressed.
I can't wait to get my "Momtage" in the mail. I still have to find a really nice frame for it.

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