Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dangerous Times, Dangerous Products

Recently, my 2 year old son had to have his blood tested for lead. That's right LEAD. You see, he has a love of trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine trains. And, we had about 5 or 6 of the cars that are listed in the huge recall of Thomas trains. Apparently someone in China ran out of red & yellow lead free paint and thought it was ok to use red & yellow lead full paint. Millions of those trains have been sold with lead based paint..something China apparently does not have a law against like we do.

And, even more recently, Fisher Price recalled over 8 types of toys because their painter in China used lead based paint on them as well. Over 80 types of toys..sold since May...contain lead based paint. Believe me, I double and triple checked that list and thank goodness we didn't buy any of those toys!

This is more than insane, this is downright deadly and dangerous. Every week there seems to be another recall for something hazardous from China. First melamine in our pet food, then lead based paint on toys and then fish with harmful chemicals in them. When is this country going to learn to take the time and INSPECT the products that are being imported? What's it going to take..more illness, a death of a child due to lead poisoning? It's unacceptable that these things are going unnoticed for so long. It's unacceptable that nothing is being inspected as it comes into this country.

All I can say is be very careful what you buy. Make sure you check for recalls frequently. Here's a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission so you can bookmark it and check it for any recalled products...

This lists everything from toys to appliances. You never know what you might have in your home that has been recalled due to some sort of deficiency. You very well might have something in your home that could be very dangerous.

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