Friday, August 31, 2007

Inside Indie: Texas Charm Bath and Candle Co.

Sorry that this week's Inside Indie is late. I was at my son's school all day selling the PTO like crazy. I apologize to you my readers lol.

Anyway...this weeks Inside Indie interview is with Stacy Herrod who owns and operates Texas Charm Bath & Candle Co. I really love her body butter (especially in Petit Choux!) because it's thick, rich and is PARABEN FREE!!!!! Stacy has also entered one of her perfume blends in my Best Original Perfume contest (we're almost done) Here's my interview with Stacy....

Tell me a little about the mind behind Texas Charm Bath & Candle Co.

Ah ha! This is a scary trick question, LOL! The mind behind Texas Charm is obsessed - pleasantly obssessed with fragrance!! I am always thinking about candles, bath & body, and most importantly FRAGRANCE! I admit it: I am truly addicted to this! I have always loved perfumes, lotions, candles ... so this is the perfect solution for me - to create my own goodies! Since I was a wee little girl - give me a bottle of lotion to rub in - I was happy! It's stuck all these years later!

What made you decide to get into the bath, body and candle business?

Actually, my mom & husband suggested once upon a time that I should just make my own candles and save money. Ha! They didn't know what they started with that statement! I am hooked!

Do you remember the first product you made?

A candle - I remember being so nervous! I fretted for the longest (once I decided to try my hand with candles) over the wicks! How would it stick? How would it stand up in the jar? I was a total newbie! So, I tested FOREVER in baby food jars!

Ok, you're stuck on a desert island and you can only have one of your products with you..which one, which fragrance and why?

HANDS DOWN - My "Bye Bye Dry Lip Butter"! I am addicted to lip butter and MUST have a tube with me any and all times! It doesn't matter the flavor - it just feels SO good! This addiction is so bad, lol, that I pour up my lip butter for personal use in whopping 1 ounce lotion tube containes! Yea, it's crazy, but it's SO good!

What does the future hold for Texas Charm Bath & Candle Co?

Immediate future for Texas Charm is a website update! I have so many new fragrances that I need to list for you guys! Also, I will be adding in Bubble Bath Cupcakes, Bubble Bath Bars, and Bombs Away! Bath Bombs very soon! Very fun and very chic additions to Texas Charm!

What is your can't live without product that you don't make?

Handmade Soap! I cannot live without a good bar of handmade soap! My skin and facial complexion has improved so much over time since using only handmade soap! I am not picky - it can be all-vegetable based or it can include animal fats - I love both and use both! Ask my husband how many bars of soap are in our master bath? Ha! He will get this dazed look on his face and just shake his head that he won't answer that question!

So, please stop by Texas Charm Bath & Candle Co. There are some truly good products there. I really like what I've tried so far and look forward to trying more soon.

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