Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don't Waste Your Money Alert: Bad Bad Scrub

As you all know I just got back from vacation. Well, right before I left I realized that I was out of sugar scrub (go figure). I had no time to order any from my fav etailers so I ran out to Target and figured they'd have some.

I picked up a sugar scrub called "Mediterranean: Mint melon and Sugar body scrub" by some company called Boots. It was $9.99 and I figured ok, well I need some so I bought it. What a huge huge waste of money. This is probably the absolute worst sugar scrub in existence. I truly mean it. I should have looked over all the ingredients first and threw it back on the shelf. Oh it's got sugar in it but the third ingredient is "petrolatum" and boy does this product feel just like gritty vasoline.

It does have a really pleasant fragrance..but that isn't the issue.
As soon as I scooped some of this out I knew it wasn't good. Like I said before, it's got the texture of gritty Vasoline. A really nasty feeling. And, as I tried to exfoliate with wouldn't go on the skin smoothly and sometimes not much at all. There always seemed to be some clump of it stuck to my hand and clumps falling onto the shower floor. Gross.
At least the melon and mint fragrance was naturally occuring. But, why do these companies need to put Petrolatum into their products. It's gross, it's from Petroleum and it isn't good for anyone.
Well, at least I placed an order for some Sugar Scrubs from one of my favorite etailers and it should be getting here soon. I will never ever let myself run out of etailer scrubs again and I will never ever buy a scrub from a retail shelf again. Hopefully, I can stop someone else from wasting their money on this awful product.

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