Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bidwell Botanicals: Spun Sugar Sugar Scrub

Now I'd like to start reviewing my sugar scrub winners so you know why I felt they were the best.

I had four areas that I looked at when trying the scrubs and judging the scrubs. First is appearance. That includes packaging, labels, jars etc. Appearance was worth 10 points.
Second is Scent. Was the scent exactly what is said it should be? How long did it last after rinsing? Scent was worth another 10 points.Third was exfoliation. I was looking to see if the scrub did it's job and how it felt during use. Exfoliation was worth 50 points. Finally comes Moisturization. I looked to see how easily the scrub rinsed off, how my skin felt afterwards and how long the moisture lasted. Moisturization was worth 30 points.

Jill Jones, the owner of Bidwell Botanicals, sent me a sample of her Spun Sugar Sugar Scrub. It arrived in great condition with no leaks at all. The presentation of her product was lovely, settled in it's own box. All of the ingredients were listed and the labels were easy to read. She also used an inside seal on her jar which is really a must for sugar scrubs. Sugar was the first ingredient and there were plenty of moisturizing oils in the mix. When I opened the jar the scrub looked like pink shaved ice. It really stayed together well and had a good consistent color.

The fragrance reminded me almost like Pink Sugar meets cheesecake. It was very pleasant and was just right...not too strong and not too light. It was right on the money. The scent lasted on my skin for well over an hour after rinsing.

The sugar she uses is a fine grain sugar, which seems to work the best in any sugar scrub (and it is the primary type used in most of the scrubs I tried). It was thick, silky and good n gritty! The scrub really stuck to the skin and I did not lose much of it to the shower floor. It was an excellent exfoliant and rinsed very easily.

After I rinsed it off, my skin felt smooth and silky all over. The scrub gave my skin a silky finish and it did not feel greasy or oily. Even after towel drying, the moisturization lasted and continued to last all day. I did not need to use any lotion on my body after using this scrub, even after towel drying.

Bidwell Botanicals' Spun Sugar Sugar Scrub hit a home run on everything I was looking for. It was packaged in an excellent manner, the fragrance was just right, it provided fantastic exfoliation and more than excellent moisturization.

Now, I know everyone has their own opinion about things. Please remember that I was the judge and jury for this contest. I'm sure some people reading this may think someone else's scrub is the best and I respect everyone's opinion. If you think someone has a better scrub, let me know. Next up is Somethin Special...

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Tracy said...

We use Bidwells's scrubs/lotions and such at our Spa here in Ohio.
We second the motion that their scrub is GREAT ! It doesnt fall apart and the scents are wonderful.

You cant go wrong with Bidwell.