Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kudos to Quarry Jewelry!!!!

I have a wedding to goto in a couple of weeks. We are GETTING RID OF THE KIDS!!! Whoohoo! Yes, as you can tell I'm very very excited that the kids are going to their Uncle's for the night and I get a night out with the man. Anyway, since we're sans kids, I want to look nice. I actually was able to find a nice dress the second time out shopping (that never never never happens). I have an appointment to get the hair done up nice. So, next I needed to find myself some jewelry.

My dress is a chocolate brown dress with a little gold sparkle to it. No beading or anything like that but nice draping over the bodice that drapes a little down the back. In the words of my husband "You finally found something that doesn't make you look 5 feet wide!" Don't think bad of him, that's actually a compliment and, he is right. I finally found a nice dress that doesn't accentuate my fatty parts (plus with the additional help of my Spanx it's even better).

I started my search for jewelry a few days ago. I figured I'd goto Kohl's or JC Penney and find something. Then I thought, DUH, look at the Indie jewelry makers. I mean the craftwork and quality will be much better and I'll probably have way more to choose from. So, I posted on the Switchboards forum looking for jewelry. Let's just say I got alot of messages back lol. What's great is they all know that I'd get alot of messages and that there would be no hard feelings if I didn't go with their work. I love that forum, if only this country worked like that forum community then it would be a better place to live. Anyway, I digress.
I looked through all the websites of these wonderful artists and then I came across these earrings...

The pretty pink stone is a Peruvian Opal with Smokey Quarts and freshwater pearls. I thought these were perfect. The brown is there in the Quartz with a bit of sparkle but then there's this wonderful pink stone to add some really pretty color. So, I emailed Jennifer at Quarry Jewelry back (yes, there are quite a few "Jennifers" in the Indie world) and we started to talk about necklaces to go with these beauties. I kinda had a design in mind and sketched it out on paper. I don't have a scanner so I had to take a picture, upload it and email it to her.

And, this is what she came up with:

This is EXACTLY the necklace that I had in my head. She did a wonderful job in a short amount of time. So I wanted to give a huge KUDOS to Jennifer at Quarry Jewelry. She has many many other beautiful pieces so please go check out her site:
I would also like to thank all the other jewelry artists who got in touch with me to show me their wares. Please feel free to visit their stores...I'm sure you'll find something that catches your eye on one of these sites.
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Rosaries and Jewelry by Laura
808 Girl Designs
Weekend Jewelry
dejarnette New Orleans
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Yndigo Designs

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