Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

As you know I have two boys. When you have kids you know that the warm weather is bubble blowing time. Both my boys love blowing and popping bubbles for as long as they have breath!

Now, as a Mom, I have tried every bubble solution known to man. These two kids have gotten just about every bubble set that Toys R Us or Walmart sells. Everytime, I think that "wow, the wands with this set ought to make super cool bubbles"..then I try to use the bubble stuff...and nothing is super cool. As long as I'm blowing just small bubbles, it's fine but beyond that it stinks. And, making my own, well that never really worked either.

So, this summer I thought I'd try this Gazillion Bubbles bubble stuff. I bought a small container of it and I think it was like $3, which I thought was a bit much for bubble stuff. Heck, I've spent that much for 6 bottles at the Dollar store. But, I found out there is a reason for the higher price..this is Bubble Stuff that WORKS! It works with small wands, it works with big wands, it just works and works well. With just one dip into the Gazillion Bubbles solution I must've been able to blow 100 bubbles easy.

So when that small bottle ran out, I bought a BIG bottle of the Fan Wang Gazillion bubbles from Target for about $8. The Fan Wang version comes with a unique wand that blows little and big bubbles. And, apparently (if you goto the Funrise Toys website) there's several more Fan Wang bubble kits that you can buy with even cooler bubble wands.

I also bought a small "bubble gun" set for my older son, one that you just dip and press the trigger, then a fan blows the bubbles. I was amazed at how far just one dip of the wand gets you so many bubbles.

The best thing about these jars of bubble stuff is that the wand attaches to the cap. Yes, you still have to get your hands all soapy the first time digging it out of the jar, but then you just click it inside the cap and your muss no fuss.

So check out the Funrise Toys website and you'll see just how many different activity sets they sell with the Gazillion Bubbles. And, be sure to click on Fan Wang on the homepage for an amazing video of Fan making his's pretty cool to watch.

Expensive? Yes. Worth the money? Yes. Kids happy? Yes. Need I say anymore? No.

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