Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Somethin Special's Pink Sugar Sugar Scrub

Sue Leeseman is the owner of Somethin Special and she presented me with her Sugar Scrub in Pink Sugar. I applied the same criteria in all my scrub judging. Appearance, Scent, Exfoliation and Moisturization. And Sue's sugar scrub tied for first place and rightly so.
The first thing that impressed me was that Sue only uses 6 ingredients in her scrub. A combination of sugar, sweet almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, rice bran oil and scented oil. Alot of the samples I received had many more ingredients. I was really surprised that this scrub not only had just these few ingredients but really performed so well.

The package arrived without any leaks and everything was listed on the label on the cap. This sample was also sealed which protects against any leaks. Sue's scrub has an ivory color to it and came with the oils on top. However, the oils mixed in very well with the rest of the scrub and did not separate once mixed.

The fragrance was right on the money. I felt this was the best "Pink Sugar" fragrance out of all of the pink sugar samples. It was exactly as it should be. The fragrance lasted over an hour on my skin after rinsing and drying. An added bonus!

The sugar of this scrub is also a fine grain sugar and felt good and gritty! Very easy to use and the sugar melts away as you scrub. Sue's scrub does exactly what a sugar scrub is supposed to do!

It was very easy to rinse off and left my skin feeling very soft and silky. I didn't even need lotion at all during the day, even after drying off. The moisture lasted long after towel drying. My skin felt like I had put lotion on except unlike lotion, this feeling lasted all day.

Sue offers a large variety of sizes for her scrubs. You can get this sugar scrub in a 4 ounce size for only $3.99, an 8 ounce for $5.99 or a 16 ounce for $11.99. She offers sugar scrubs with 50% more oil if that's your preference and she offers a salt&sugar scrub too. For the scrub addicts, you can even get a gallon size jar of sugar scrub!!!

Please visit these lovely ladies and try their scrubs for yourselves. Let me know what you think by leaving me some comments. I'd love to see what you think of my Best Sugar Scrubs!!

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