Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sugar Lips: Pink Sugar Sugar Scrub

Today's review belongs to my solitary Second Place winner...Sugar Lips. Sugar Lips is a wonderful store on Etsy and is owned/operated by Hilary. I love Etsy, you can find so many good things there

Just to recap my judging categories so you can follow along. I judged all the scrubs on four areas. Appearance: packaging, how the product looks in and out of the jar, any leaks, coloring etc. Scent: how strong or weak is the fragrance, does the fragrance smell as it should and how long does the scent last after rinsing.

Exfoliation: How did the scrub feel between the fingers, how did it feel during scrubbing, does it stick well to the skin and does it do its job? Moisturization: did it rinse easily, how did the skin feel after rinsing and after towel drying, how long did the moisture last, etc.
Hilary presented me with her Sugar Scrub in Pink Sugar. It arrived in good condition with no leaks. I love her style on the jar. I really like seeing how each individual's style comes out in their labels and packaging. The labels were simple but had a unique style and were of course: waterproof. The scrub had oil on top but the oil mixed in very well with the scrub and there was no separation after I mixed it (it stayed mixed overnight!). The scrub stuck together really well coming out of the jar.

The scent had a good moderate strenght to it and was a really good "pink sugar" fragrance. The scent lasted about a half an hour on the skin after rinsing.

I really liked the texture of this scrub, it was almost creamy. Even though there had been oil on top, it didn't have an "oily" feel to it at all. During scrubbing it felt good and gritty, just the way a sugar scrub should feel. It did a great exfoliation job and the sugar melted away the more I scrubbed. That made for a good and easy rinsing!

After I was done rinsing, my skin had a very silky and very smooth feeling to it. There was no greasy or oily residue or anything on my skin. Even after towel drying, I still felt moisturized. The moisture lasted over half an hour after drying. All in all, excellent moisturization.

I know I've mentioned before that this was a tough competition. There's only 2 points separating first from second and 2 points again separating second from third place. Sugar Lips' scrub is a wonderful product. I'm glad that Hilary was a part of my contest and I hope to see more of her products in my house in the future.

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