Friday, June 1, 2007

Relaxation Works: Cranberry Cocktail Body Sorbet Scrub

Relaxation Works is one of the two Etailers that tied for Third Place in my Best of Sugar Scrubs contest. And now I'm going to give you my review on the wonderful scrub I received.

Kris, the owner of Relaxation Works, presented my with her Cranberry Cocktail Body Sorbet scrub. The package arrived in great condition with no leaks! Everything was packaged in white, white jar (opaque) with a white cap and white labels. Even the scrub itself is white but it's offset by the red of the cranberry seeds that are mixed in. This scrub does have oil in it and has a soft, almost spongey feel to it.

When you open the jar you're welcomed by the most delightful scent, almost like a cranberry soda or cocktail. The scent was very refreshing and it lasted about an hour on the skin after rinsing.

When I started scrubbing I noticed that it felt both gritty and creamy to the touch. It provided excellent exfoliation, just right in my opinion. It really stuck to the skin and got the job done. Although, I did find that the cranberry seeds did get a little messy in the shower and it was hard to get them all down the drain.

The scrub did rinse off the skin easily but as I mentioned I had some trouble with those cranberry seeds. My skin was very soft and smooth and the moisturization felt just right. It wasn't too heavy or light but after towel drying it lasted probably about an hour on my, eventually I did need some lotion but not right away.
All in all, the Relaxation Works Cranberry Cocktail Body Sorbet scrub was a very good scrub. It exfoliated like a good scrub should and it moisturized the skin. It has a wonderful fragrance that to me was like a refreshing cocktail. Go ahead and try it for yourself and you tell me what you think.

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