Friday, June 29, 2007

Next "Best Of" Contest Coming Soon

Since my first contest, Best of Sugar Scrubs, went so well...I plan on continuing my Etailer competions.

Attention all Perfumeries...the next "Best Of" contest is just for you. I thought I'd throw this out there now so you all can think on it and get ready.

In the next few weeks I will begin taking entries for the....

So put on your thinking caps, get your sniffers working and figure out what your best original perfume fragrance is. Details, rules and etc will be coming soon. And, I'll be getting my emails out inviting you to join if you don't read my blog yet. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Anyone who wants to comment or contact me with their favorite perfume maker can do so and I'll get in touch with them.

Remember, this will be for your best "original" perfume blend. NO DUPES! And, it's gotta be yours..aka you gotta make it yourself.

Stay tuned!

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