Monday, June 25, 2007

Texas Charm Bath & Candle Co.: Body Butter in Petite Choux

Ok, the title is long but the body butter is awesome! I got a sample of Texas Charm's Body Butter in a sampler box (can't remember which one) months ago, we're talking late last year. The scent was Petite Choux (based on a French pastry of the same name) and smelled like the roses of angels to me. The lotion was really good too. Because I liked it so much, I hoarded that tiny little sample jar and actually just used it up finally..only because they had a sale and I finally bought a full size jar lol.

If you like the smell of roses then this scent is the most divine rose fragrance I've ever had. It can be a strong scent so if you can't take strong flowery scents then please bypass my post here on it. As I said, it's based on a French Pastry that uses Rose water in the creme of the pastry. So it's roses with cream... I guess that's the best way to put it. But don't be fooled, the rose scent does dominate. And, the scent lasts a really long time and that surprised me in a lotion. I could put this lotion on in the morning and the fragrance would last at least till late afternoon. No perfume needed for me on those days I decide to use Petite Choux.

The lotion, I'm happy to say, is now paraben free. It's great to see more and more etailers discarding the paraben preservatives. I know they have to use some sort of preservative for the most part but I'm glad to see that parabens are starting to disappear from the etailers ingredient lists. Texas Charm has also stated that they use no mineral oils or petroleum bases in this body butter, thank goodness for that. I hate stuff with petroleum bases in them (chapstick, Dove creamy oil bodywash etc). It's gross. But I digress...this body butter has over 50% shea butter. That's a pretty good amount (unless of course you go with something that is just 100% shea butter) to keep my skin happy. It's thick, rich and has the consistency of a good cream icing or even buttercream would be a good comparison. Don't be fooled by the thickness of it though, this stuff just flows on your skin like silk. It's wonderful. I really enjoy using this body butter and will probably hoard the full size jar as I did with my small sample.

4 ounces of Texas Charm's body butter will set you back about $14.95 plus shipping (I waited for a 25% off sale for my purchase). She's got plenty of other fragrances that you can try but I loved this Petite Choux the moment I opened my sample jar. I've actually tried other stores lotions in Petite Choux, but found that Texas Charm has the best one.

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