Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Ways to Be Nice To Your Feet

A long long time ago in a blog far far away (not really) I posted about the great soap over at Two Rivers Soaps. My husband loves and adores the soap there (and he's usually a Zest kind of guy) and I now have to buy him soap online instead of at Target.

Anyway, I have since tried some of Jennifer's other wares and have enjoyed them just as much as we've enjoyed her soaps. This time it was her Foot Care line which consists of her Pedicure in a Jar and her Foot Butter. Two very nice foot care products that when combined really helped my feet look and feel better (at least until I ran out lol).

The Pedicure in a Jar runs about $7 for a 5 ounce jar. This is a lovely peppermint scented scrub designed for your feet. I can't tell you how better my feet fell anytime I use something with peppermint oil in it. There is also Tea Tree oil in there which is a great antibacterial and also eucalyptus oil which helps to refresh your feet. Combined with the exfoliants (salt and pumice)..this makes for a nice refreshing scrub for the feet. It really feels great if you use it after a long walk when your piggies are screaming! Plus, since it's a jarred scrub rather than a solid one, it makes it a heck of alot easier to get the job done. Oh, since this is a salt scrub, warning..if you've got a cut on your feet ..don't use this until it's healed..otherwise it's gonna sting like the devil.

The other product is Jennifer's Foot Butter. It's nice thick moisturizer designed specially for your feet. You've got shea butter, you've got cocoa butter and aloe vera as well as avacado oil (like my run on sentence don't you). Plus you've got the peppermint oil, tea tree oil and menthol to help relax and relieve those tired tired dry piggies. It's really thick so be sure to rub it in good. I like to use it before bed and put some socks over my feet after (my husband calls them my "stay put" socks since after many nights of doing the lotion and socks thing, they kinda stand up on their own) I rub the butter in. The Foot Butter also runs you $7 for a 5 ounce jar.

If you're wise as to how much you use, both of these jars can last you probably about 2-3 weeks. If you're like me and you are generous with your applications then maybe 10-14 days. Either way, another way to do something nice for your feet.

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