Monday, June 4, 2007

Pottery with Flare and Service that Can't Compare

I have a wedding to go to this weekend. The last of my husband's college friends is FINALLY getting married. And, hopefully he won't decide to click on my email link to my blog before Saturday or he's going to find out what they're getting lol.

Anyway, I looked at their registries and thought that I wanted to get them something different. I checked out all their colors and items they had listed and made my mental notes. Then, I went shopping on Etsy. Etsy has so many fantastic things, all handmade. I knew I'd have to find something there. So, I browsed through just about every pottery listing Etsy has and found OlaDesign.

Once I saw her wares on her Etsy store I knew I had found what I was looking for. Olga, the woman behind OlaDesign, uses such bright beautiful colors and handpaints each piece. She offers a variety of pieces from teapots to bowls to vases and more. Each piece is painted by hand and then she fires them so the design is permanent.

Here's the set I bought for our friends. It comes with the large green bowl, smaller white bowl, the two smaller green bowls and the 2 red cups. The design is simple but oh so elegant. I was really pleased by what I saw and what I eventually got in hand. And, Olga is so nice. She will custom make a set for you if you ask. The original listing was a four piece set but I asked if she could do two of the smallest green bowls and two of the red cups for the bride and groom. It wasn't even an issue. The price for all 6 pieces and shipping came to $58. Some of the other pieces I had been considering from other sellers were about $125 just for one piece.

I got the package after about a week, week and a half (she's in Canada so that's why) and unfortunately, the largest bowl (the big green one) was in didn't make it. I immediately contacted Olga (I took pictures because I know there's alot of scammers out there) and let her know what happened. She got on it right away and made a new bowl for me. I even offered to ship the broken one back to her and she refused. Not long after that I got the new package from Olga and everything was in great condition. She even sent me a handpainted glass bowl for me to keep at no additional charge. How wonderful is that. Her customer service skills just blew me away.

I highly recommend OlaDesign for your pottery needs. There are many different styles and designs to choose from and they are all very reasonably priced. Great for gifts or just for yourself and the customer service cannot be beat!

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