Thursday, June 14, 2007

A 54 Million Dollar Pair of Pants

Normally, this blog is only for product reviews. Today, I'm just so darn curious as to the quality of a pair of pants worth $54 million.

For those of you not living in the DC area, there's the most rediculous lawsuit in history being conducted right now. A man named Roy Pearson, who is a lawyer and a judge, is suing a Korean couple for $54 million. Apparently, he brought several suits in for alterations and when he returned to pick them pair of pants was missing. He felt mistreated by the dry cleaners and since their sign read "Satisfaction Guaranteed", that he deserved satisfaction. The pants were found (he claims these are not his pants even thought the ticket matches) and he was offered a monetary consideration for his trouble. Also claiming that they were cruel to him (they told him not to come back but he cried about it saying they were the only dry cleaners in walking distance of his home).

So, this is now in trial. He orginally sued for $65 million but the judge got him down to $54 million. He claims he is suing for this outrageous amount for the future safety of other DC consumers who might use this dry cleaner. He is also suing for attorney's fees, yet he is representing himself. According to the news yesterday, he was in tears on the witness stand yesterday..crying for his poor sweet pants. And, just so you know, this trial is costing the taxpayers of DC over $2600 per day.

I just want to know what kind of pants are worth $54 million dollars. I hope they are able to make my butt look as small as Nicole Ritchies and shape my legs into gorgeousness. For $54 million, this guys pants better have been the best pair of pants ever ever made. If anyone out there knows of such a wonderful pair of streamlined pants, let me know. I'd be more than willing to save my money for the next 75 years just to wear it for one day.

This just goes to show how absolutely stupid and greedy people are getting in this country. I'm glad I do not know this man and if I lived in DC and my tax dollars were paying for this trial, I would be very very angry. I hope that at the end of this trial, this Roy Pearson gets at least 10 years of community service..and I don't mean counseling people for free, I mean scooping crap out of the sewers.

Ok, my post of venting is over. Next time I return to my regular broadcasting. Thanks for listening!

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