Friday, June 1, 2007

Klean Bath & Body: The Devil Made Me Do It

Klean Bath and Body sure sent me one heck of a scrub! Jennifer Hardaway, the owner of Klean, send me her chocolate sugar scrub called: The Devil Made Me Do It. She's just lucky I wasn't having PMS when I got it or else I would've eaten it!

It arrived with no leaks, in a clear jar with a black lid. The green and orange Klean label on the lid. This was a very very dark colored scrub with oil on top. The oil mixes in good but does separate again. The only problem was that the labels were clear with black text, it was hard to read them against the dark brown scrub.

The smell was divine. It has a really good dark chocolate scent that makes you want to scoop some out and eat it. I only wish it had lasted longer on my skin after rinsing. It lasted about half an hour.

The Devil Made Me Do It felt really good in the shower, good and gritty but a little rough too. It really stuck to the skin but eventually melted away with scrubbing. An excellent exfoliant! Love that fine grain sugar (all the top scrubs used the finer grain sugar and let me tell you it works the best).

It rinsed off very easily and left my skin smooth and soft. I didn't have any greasy or oily feel to my skin even with the oils in the scrub. It made my skin feel like I already put lotion on and the moisturization lasted about an hour.

If you don't like chocolate, there are many other scents at Klean that I'm sure you'll like. As with all my other winners, I encourage you to visit these sites and try their scrubs for yourselves. These are all wonderful products by hard working women. I commend them all on their work and the results of that hard work!!

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Håkan Dahlström said...

Wow! What's this? I hope I don't get that on my skin...