Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fix Your Butt and Take a Couple Inches Off...ok, Temporarily

A while ago I posted about a wonderful book called the Lingerie Handbook. I also have a review on it that I wrote at (before I started my blog). Well back in March I received an email from Emily Ryan, who is in charge of PR and Media with La Petite Coquette, the lingerie store owned by the author of the book. She said if I was ever in the store or on the website and needed help to just ask. Well I did!

I'm going to a wedding next month. I have alot of shapewear but none of it does a good job. I have a pair of shapewear shorts that just suck. They roll up on the leg and down from the waist and are just crappy. I have a pair of Shapewear panties that are just a pain in the a$$ to get on and again it rolls down from the waist. Then I have one of those full size slip things that's supposed to nip and tuck but it makes me look horrible and uneven. So that's why I ended up taking Emily up on her offer and I asked for help.

She got back to me very quickly and said that I needed to get the Spanx High Waisted Power Panty! She told me it covers from thigh to like right below the "girls" and it doesn't roll up or down etc. So I shopped around on the net and it cost $34 and that was the price everywhere (it was just a matter of finding a site with a coupon code..which I did for free shipping).
I got it a week or so ago and of course, my husband, being a man, had to comment on the name (Spanx!!!). I had a meeting to goto on last Sunday for my Sorority Alumni Group and I thought,what the heck let's put it on.
It was alot easier to get on then my other shapewear pieces. I still had some pulling and tugging but not nearly as much as before. I remembered what I read in the Lingerie Handbook about putting shapewear on and made sure everything was put in it's place. What a difference it made! I was truly impressed with what it did. For example, I have those "saddlebags" on my thighs and the Spanx came within an inch of getting rid of them altogether. It easily took an inch to 2 inches off of those saddlebags! Whoo hoo! Then, my stomach, which has been a trouble spot since my second son was born. The Spanx tucked away that spare tire look I've had. It was truly a miracle!
The Spanx Higher Power Panty (as is its true name) comes in either black or bare and also comes in 5 sizes. They have an easy to follow sizing chart on the website with each product. As well as a before and after photo.
If you need shapewear, and every woman really ought to have some in her drawers, then Spanx is the brand to buy. Forget the stuff you'll see in the stores at the Mall. I have been enlightened and I hope that you will be too. Spanx is the way to go!

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