Friday, April 27, 2007

From A to "Z", New Jewelry Designs from Z Creations

As I continue this journey of online shopping, I am continuously amazed at these jewelry "artists". I'm not going to call them "designers" because in my view they are designers they are artists!

I used to find myself going ohh and ahh over the stuff at Kay Jewelry or even at JC Penneys. Now I'm bored when I look at the weekly ads and the jewelry the big stores sell. There's just no pizzazz. It all looks dull and boring to me after I've been perusing all these handcrafted jewelry sites.
The latest jewelry site I found is Z Creations. The site is really new so I'm assuming there's going to be alot more designs and pieces soon (there's alot of images coming soon, so that's why I say that). As soon as the page loaded up, I found my favorite piece...

...this beautiful necklace made of lampwork beads and Swarovski Crystals. Yes, all that is Swarovski crystals in this wonderful topaz color accented with the turquoise crystals and the lampwork beads. The rest is made with Sterling Silver. This piece sells on the site for $165. I know it seems high, but it's all Swarovski crystals. The design is so simple yet oozes with elegance.

And, thankfully, she has matching earrings to go with this work of art. The earrings sell for $40 and you can get them as you see them here or with clips for those without pierced ears. Nice to have the option (I have pierced myself but it's good to have options!). Here you get a better view of those fabulous Lampwork beads. They all go so well

One of the other pieces I fell in love with (if only my husband would read my blog, sigh) is this piece made with Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski crystals. The pearls have a tinge of purple to them and for some reason it provides a stunning contrast to the blue and copper colored crystals. This piece sells for $155.
Valerie, the artist behind Z Creations, was also featured in a magazine article in Direct Magazine. Here's a link to it so you can learn a little bit more about the artist behind these beautiful pieces.

Once again, there are so many wonderful and talented artists out there, all you have to do is look. You'll find jewelry designs you will never find at the mall. Get yourself some art to wear!

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