Sunday, April 1, 2007

My New Miracle Product!

I have found a miracle product, I really have.
Now, if you've read my blog, I've admitted that I color my hair. Yes sir I'm a bottle blonde. And being such bottle blonde, my hair is dry, damaged and has the "frizz". Coloring my hair has been such a burden. I'm always looking for something to tame that frizzy look my last few inches always seem to have.

So, I'm cruising Lemming Central's forum and saw a new indie etailer I hadn't seen before: Aloha Coconut. And, being a woman and a shopper I always like to check out new stores. I was browsing their products when I came across their 100% Monoi de Tahiti oil. This oil has 2 ingredients: coconut oil and the Tiare flower. If you've ever smelled the Aloha Tiare scent that is on the market, well this is the real stuff baby. It's got such a wonderful scent. It's not overpowering, it's gentle and exotic. Anyway, I'm reading the uses they state for this oil and it includes a pre-shampoo hair treatment. That's in addition to facial moisturizer, after tan treatment, tan accelarator (no spf mind you it's for people alreayd tanned) and a bath oil.

So, you know I had to try it. HAD TO! It sells for $10 for a 4oz bottle and a little goes a very very very long way.

I will make a note here, if the oil gets below 72 degrees it will solidify! This is a natural thing people ok. IT looks weird but you just put it in a bowl of hot water and it's an oil again.

For the pre-shampoo hair treatment you are to apply generously to your hair, put on a plastic cap (I have none so I've been saran wrapping my head lol) and to help that along wrap a towel around your head. The recommended time is 30 minutes or if you color your hair LONGER. I've done this three times now (today being the third) and I've left it on my hair probably an hour. I just set myself up and then went about my chores and stuff. Then you shower, shampoo very well (I shampooed twice) and voila. The first time I didn't notice any difference, I should know better that it's not a quick fix. But after the second time and after today there is a really noticeable difference in my hair. The dry/frizzy appearance on my last few inches of hair is reduced and my hair is much easier to brush. It shines more and is much more bouncy. It really works. Those Tahitian women really go it going on.

I've also used it in the bath (WOW) and around my eyes and on my hands. It is truly simple yet amazing stuff.

This website:

will tell you all about the Monoi de Tahiti oil and how it's made, if you're curious.

I highly recommend this product. Aloha Coconut is the only indie etailer that I have seen this product sold. They have made a customer for life out of me. Oh and don't forget this stuff smells amazing.

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