Sunday, April 8, 2007

Handmade Jewelry, Made to Please

I've acquired a few pieces of handmade jewelry over the past few weeks from some wonderful Indie etailers and I could not be more pleased with the designs, the workmanship and (hey let's be honest here) how they look on me. It's time for me to give credit to these wonderful women who work so hard. So bear with me as this is going to be a long post.

I was lucky enough a couple of weeks ago to be one of 3 people to take advantage of a fantastic sale at Manic Trout. I was able to get 50% off any one of Sierra's beautiful pieces. I'm from New Jersey so this Surfer Girl necklace caught my eye and I just love it (Retail value $50). Just looking at it you can see how much hard work goes into making jewelry. It's not just putting beads on a string and calling it a day. Sierra has alot of different pieces on her site including earrings, bracelets (safety pin bracelets that are really unique), necklaces, rings and she paints too! Her designs incorporate alot of bright and lively colors. I think there is something for everyone on her site so take a look at!

These adorable earrings I won in a trivia contest a few weeks ago from Below 14th Designs. The design is so simple yet just so unique in its own right. I love these earrings. I'm just looking at Elisa's etsy store as I'm writing and she has some really unique designs..take a look at this necklace she has up for sale called Maui:

She creates necklaces, earrings and bracelets and you can find them on her etsy shop:

or her website at:

The last piece that I recently acquired is a small ring from Ariana Jewelry. She contributed in the last Little Black Box sampler and that's how I got this ring.

Jennifer's also participating in the current Crafty Cube sampler and I think she's going to be in this month's Little Black Box as well. Hey, you don't often get jewelry in any of the sampler boxes so take note and you may want to keep checking those sites.
Anyway, there are many unique designs on her site including bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. She works with alot of gemstones and wire, making some very unique flowing pieces. And, FYI she makes custom rings, you pick the stone and the wire and she makes the ring..for only $15! That is a fantastic price!
Here is a link to her shop:

There are many many many jewelry makers in the Indie world. You must remember that these pieces are handmade! They are not made on a machine or an assembly line. These wonderfully gifted craftswomen work hard and long on their designs and you can see it. So, the prices are not on the low end of the spectrum. Don't be discouraged by that. These are such unique works of art that no one is going to have but you. No two pieces are the same.

Here are some othere jewelry sites that I know of besides the ones I've posted about. I have not had the chance to own any of their pieces yet but I admire them greatly (like everyday I'm drooling over them). Don't forget Mother's Day is coming next month and for anyone who's interested my birthday is at the end of April (lol). Enjoy (her rings are just adorable!) (FYI: she's having a 50% sale right now thru the 15th! Many are on of a kind pieces!)


bonnindesigns said...

Thanks for the mention Jen! Our sale is 50% off through 4/15. Many pieces are one-ofs. Have a great Easter.

e* said...

Thanks so much for including me. I truly appreciate it.

Kirsten said...

Hey, Jen. Thanks for including me on your blog. I'd like to offer you and your readers 15% off their Crazy Dreams Studio order. Simple enter code FRIEND07 at checkout.

Danielle Stirling said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for including me too! I don'y know how I missed this until now! I'd also like to offer you and your readers 20% off of anything on my site- enter ELLE20 at checkout:)