Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Jewelry Sites

I wanted to add on to my earlier post on Indie Jewelry sites. I've come across a few more in the past days and wanted to share their beautiful work with you. Remember, these are all handmade. They are created from the imaginations of brilliant creators and most of these are one of a kind pieces!

Here's a really nice bracelet from Roxi Designs. It's called Sweet Inspiration and it's made with Swarovski crystals. The juxtaposition of the pinks and the green is a great combination. And, for those of us who are supporters of Breast Cancer awareness, there's pink ribbons on each large flower bead. This one sells for $18. I suggest you move fast cause this one might be mine by the end of the day. Roxi Designs also has earrings, necklaces and more.

Check out these custom Braille Pendants. These are custom made with your name and are done in Swarovski crystals. Very different, very unique! And, very reasonable, only $10. You can purchase the chain for only $2 ore. $2 donation goes to the American Federation for The Blind... so nice jewelry, nice cause!

I just discovered this site recently as she is brand new. Her website is not up all the way but I thought her designs were just so captivating. Her name is Corina and her store is Aniroc Design. These earrings are named Maui after the place where the bright pink coral that she uses here is from. The bright orangish or the coral is offset by the turquoise. These just pop out at you from the page. These cost $25 and her earrings range from $15 on up. She's got bracelets too and will have necklaces and rings..can't wait to see those.

OMG just look at this necklace! This would be my ideal Diva necklace. If I had this on my neck with it's matching earrings and bracelet, I think people on the street would stop and bow before me. This beautiful design is by Jen of Weekend Jewelry. She has alot of intriguing pieces on her site as well as her Laquered Jewelry (I have a small charm that I got with another sites order, I think it was included with Indie coupons and such but a cute little piece). Here's a link to her site:

I posted a link to Crazy Dreams Studio in my previous jewelry post. Here is one of those adorable rings called Delicious Pink Ring. She's got all kinds of unique items on her site. I think her rings are just fascinating and I'm more than likely going to get one now! I just got a wonderful surprise from Kristen at Crazy Dreams...a 15% discount at her website:
Just enter the code FRIEND07 at checkout.

If I find anymore sites that have great designs I'll definitely let you all know. I don't own these pieces myself but they just jumped out at me and I wanted to let everyone know of more wonderful handmade jewelry!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry! I just love Julie Ann's designs!!