Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen

I had the luck to be able to product test this new Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen via Allure Magazine. If you wear makeup and leave the house, this is the product for you. It's basically makeup remover in a pen. Easy to use, easy to hold and you're able to take it anywhere. There's no mess, no pouring liquid on a q-tip etc.
Anytime you make a boo-boo (which I do sometimes if I blink when I'm putting the mascara on) or have smudges/flakes just draw it off. Just take the pen and rub it lightly on the makeup and off it comes. Really easy and you're able to focus just on the spot you need to. The only thing you have to do is wipe it off when you're done, otherwise when you use it again you'll be reapplying your last booboo that you removed. This, to me, was the only downside and not a very big one at that.

This is brand new so it may not be out in all the stores yet. The price seems to range between $7.49 and $7.99. That does seem a little pricey but I've had mine for a few months now and it's still going strong. So it does seem to last for a long time. The decision for spending that money seems to fall on its convenience factor and it's ease of use. But, you are the final say as to whether you want to try it or not. I've got mine for free that's true but I will buy another one once this one is done.

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