Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Since my birthday is coming up soon, I thought this would be a good time to announce my first "Best Of" contest here at Products of the Day.

So...Announcing the Best of Sugar Scrubs contest from Products of the Day!

If you are a bath and body artist or know someone who is then this is a great contest for you. From now until May first, anyone interested in participating in the Best of Sugar Scrubs contest should contact me via email at Please be sure to put "Best of Sugar Scrubs" in your subject line. SO SPREAD THE WORD!

Here's the GOOD STUFF.
First Place: Will receive 1 year of free banner advertising here at Products of the Day in my Shop Shop Shop section. Also, 1 week per month (the first week of each month for that year) in my Shop of the Week spot located at the top of my blog. (Based on my fees that's $300 worth of advertising). And, of course, the bragging rights as the purveyor of the Best Sugar Scrub!
Second Place: Will receive 6 months of free banner advertising in my Shop Shop Shop section and will get one week (the second week of the month for those 6 months) per month in the Shop of the Week section. (Ok so that's $150 worth of advertising..gee I'm glad I still remember how to add lol)
Third Place: Will receive 3 months of free banner advertising in my Shop Shop Shop section and will also get one week (the third week of the month for 3 months) per month in my Shop of the Week Section. (That's $75 woth of advertising)

Now the fine print..aka the RULES

1. Your sugar scrub must be your creation. That means YOU MADE IT. And just plain sugar scrubs please (Foaming ones will have to be another contest)

2. If I've already reviewed and posted about your scrub in my blog then you can't enter..sorry it's just not fair. NOTE: This includes any posts on my old blog address at Good news is I haven't posted on many scrubs.

3. Anyone interested in participating must contact me via email no later than 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on May 1, 2007.

4. I think the fairest way is to try and have all the samples in the same scent. So, let's go with Pink Sugar or any Pink Sugar blend. If you don't have Pink Sugar in your list or if you have a small scent selection, then you can send me your choice of fragrance.

5. I am requesting at least a 3 ounce sample so I have enough to judge your product fairly.

6. I am the only judge. All decisions are final.

7. Samples must be postmarked no later than May 5th. If you are outside of the US please contact me if you want to ship something earlier so that it arrives here on time.

8. Winners will be announced (depending on how many I get) on May 30th, 2007. That way winners can get their banner ads to me in time to begin on June 1st.

9. Winners will also be featured in a post on Products of the Day (not on the same day but 1 per day for 3 consecutive days)

10. Only winners will be posted on the site. Anyone who did not win is more than welcome to request a personal review. Just don't ask me "Why didn't I win". I will offer you all my honest opinions on your product and will do so privately!

11. Judging will be as follows
50% for exfoliation ability/quality
30% on the scrubs moisturization qualities (ie: how the
skin feels after being rinsed.)
10% on the scrubs appearance (packaging, how the product
looks and feels, color)
10% on the scent of the scrub

12. I am not responsible for lost entries. I recommend delivery confirmation or signature confirmation. I will email entries to let them know the product was received by me.

13. Please submit a list of ingredients (unless they are already on the label) with your submission.

I welcome any questions, comments or suggestions. Please email me at

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