Sunday, April 22, 2007

Read This! T-Shirts with a Message

My husband came home yesterday with a new t-shirt. It's a blue t-shirt and it says "I Love Hot Moms". I just roll my eyes, a lot! lol.

I love these kind of t-shirts. I usually only buy them for my kids, but I'll buy them for whomever if it's fitting. These type of shirts have to be funny..not obnoxious funny, I mean good sense of humor funny. I've bought soo many for my youngest son I think I'm putting someone through college. For example, here's a picture of him last year in his infamous "Shh..I'm downloading" shirt:

and more recently: The "Stud Muffin" (note the gothic font on "Stud").

I've purchased such other lovelies as "Tax Deduction" (a hit with grandpa), "Chick Magnet", "I do all my own stunts" and "It's my brother's fault". Most of these I've found at Target or Kohl's and they do have a nice variety! Kohls has a good selection of boys and girls. I've gotten most of these for around $6 at both Target and Kohls so the price is reasonable and the statement is priceless.

Of course you can find many many places online that sell these type of shirts for kids. You want to be sure you find something original and not just some pencil pusher making money.

Here's one I found at Punk N Pie that I wish they had in a size for my 6 year old too (they are both TV addicts).

I'm not sure what the price is as it wasn't listed but probably around $24. So original!!!! Find it at

They have alot of other styles there too and this one is available in the blue you see here and also in PINK.

There's also this one from Buggles Baby Wear. There are plenty of P.H.Ds going on in my house all the time! This one sells for $18 in either tshirt or onsie form. There are plenty more where this one comes from including "I only cry when ugly people hold me" and "Someday I'll be dating your daughter".

They also do custom shirts!

This one I found via Rare Bird Finds and is available at Milk Bomb:

For all you families that travel...this one takes the cake. If you can't read it, it says: "Congratulations! You get to sit near me." with the airplane in the middle. Depending on the size the price ranges from $20-$24.

There are so many more Indie stores and other online stores that sell them. So goto Kohls, goto Target or visit the above etailers and see what else your kid can say without saying a word.

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