Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Only Place for Italian Ice

If you live along the East coast then you should know about Rita's. If you don't know about Rita's well keep reading and you will be educated. I apologize to my readers west of Ohio as there are no Rita's out your way. If you guys have a great place like this then please post it in the comments for all to see!

I was basically raised in New Jersey and Rita's is THE Italian Ice place. Whenever you come home from the beach, you are obliged to stop at the closest Rita's to end your beach day on the right note. They have great traditional flavors like cherry, lemon and strawberry. But, they've got non-traditional flavors like Island Fusion (my favorite), Passion Fruit and Banana. And, they do have alot of other flavors. The texture is the perfect texture for an Italian Ice, not gritty and no large frozen chunks. Alot of flavors do have real fruit pieces in them like the Twisted Melon so if you get a frozen chunk, it's a piece of fruit baby.

Rita's has added alot more products to their menu since I was in NJ. Now they have Cream Ices, Gelati (which the layer the bottom with vanilla or chocolate custard, followed by your flavor of Italian Ice and more custard - my personal favorite!) and a Misto Shake (a shake made by fusing the Italian Ice and the custard).

This isn't Dairy Queen and this isn't Carvel ok. This is Rita's!!!! You will get great flavor and you will be happy! The service is great and fast. You can also pick up club cards for each product..get it stamped each time you come in and after 10 you get one free. They also celebrate the First Day of Spring each year (this is the day they open as Rita's is a seasonal operation) by giving everyone a free regular Italian Ice. And, they also support Alex's Lemonade Stand

So chill out and if you can go on and give Rita's a try. I promise you won't regret it.

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